Friday, October 10, 2014

Beat today, so just a couple from a book I'm surprised I found cheap:

From 1977, All-Star Comics #69, "United We Fall!" A classic Earth-2 story, featuring Commissioner Bruce Wayne, Robin, Hourman, Starman, Dr. Mid-Nite, and Wonder Woman against the Justice Society of America! Wayne seems to be holding the JSA responsible for actions caused by the Psycho-Pirate's influence, and when he brings the law down on the team, one of his officers panics and shoots Power Girl! (With an electric "shock-gun," that actually somehow nearly kills the usually invulnerable Power Girl.) To bring in the JSA, the former Batman calls in the other heroes; and neither group will back down.

Superman shows up in the end, and being the only one everyone will listen to, calms the situation down. Along with brainwashing from the Psycho-Pirate, Wayne was also working through his grief over the death of his wife Catwoman, and was pretty disraught; but his daughter the Huntress is glad to see he's going to be all right. And this is actually the first appearance of the Huntress! Helena Wayne had appeared before, but this was the first of her in costume--except for from the same week, DC Super Stars #17, featuring her origin. I have a vague feeling I have a beat-up copy of that somewhere, too...

Since Bruce is the only one controlled, this breaks the heroes down into those loyal to the JSA (the current team) and those loyal to Batman; which could've been a notion to play with. It also could've been a chance to really show which teammates just don't like each other. ("You've had this coming for a long time, Wildcat!")


SallyP said...

This looks like fun. Darn, I do miss some of these characters.

Well...all of them actually.

Dale Bagwell said...

I've heard of this one....I think. I know there's a Batman VS. JSA, where his journals initially condemn the JSA as communists, but then it turns out they were faked to catch the real villain.

The art here looks amazing though.
I miss the old JSA too Sally. All of them:(