Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Everything I know about nuns comes from old westerns. Whores too, come to think of it.

Ty Templeton knows the score: writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray worked with a friggin' ton of great artists on their Jonah Hex run, and I think most of their issues were one-and-dones. So if you randomly come across one, duh, grab it. This issue has a Brian Bolland cover, for god's sake: from 2006, Jonah Hex #6, "Goin' Back to Texas in a Box" Written by Palmiotti and Gray, art by Luke Ross.

Hex finds a dying man, outside the town of Salvation. A guard at the outskirts of town says it's the plague, but they have no medicine since the Apache won't let anyone through. And a pair of nuns plan to "inspect" Hex, to make sure he doesn't bring plague to the children of Salvation. Hex goes to the local saloon, but is told Salvation is a dry town; so he goes to wash up accompanied by the town, well, whore. She seems preoccupied with her nails, until she gets offended that Hex isn't interested, and that's when a nun pulls a shotgun on Hex and events really start to go sideways. Suffice to say, there's a good nun, a bad nun, a whore without the prerequisite heart of gold, and a lot of corpses before the end.

I've never read Jonah Hex regularly, unless you count the Vertigo mini-series. But Hex comics are like Groo for me: I have a pile but nowhere near all of them, and even randomly picking up an issue it's never going to be a bad read.

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SallyP said...

Oh I do love me some Jonah Hex. The western version anyway, that whole mess with him in outerspace in the future was just silly.