Monday, June 29, 2015

Yay, finally got Livewires #2! Now, where are those other issues...

From 2005, Livewires #2, "Clockwork Thugs, Yo" Story and layouts by Adam Warren, pencils by Rick Mays, inks by Jason Martin. Recently activated team member Stem Cell is still freaking out about being a robot, on a team of robots, on a secret program to exterminate other top-secret super-science R&D programs, like other robots. Although robot is still the r-word to them, as they illustrate with Cornfed's helpful virtual tour of their "technological ancestors," from the Mannites (of late 90's X-Men titles) to the LMD's most famously used by Nick Fury. OK, pretty much those two, but still.

Poor Stem Cell is also mortified to be told that she's been transmitting her thoughts to the rest of the team all day on their intranet comlinks; until Gothic Lolita finally tells her. G-L also explains how their artificial intelligences are "'factory-installed' with exact software recreations of human neurochemistry," which would translate out to Meat Brain Emulator. They can all feel fear, anxiety, even panic...but those reactions are hackable, which is why Gothic isn't afraid to go down with a crashing jet!

A lot of world-building this issue, but it's engaging and cheery and fun. Glad to finally have it!


Dale Bagwell said...

I keep forgetting about this mini-series. I know its good an all, just keep forgetting to look for it.

Ja D said...

I got the little digest collection of this some years back, good reading.