Monday, June 08, 2015

In case you needed a reminder...

...Marvel Adventures was pretty good, guys.

From 2008, Marvel Adventures: the Avengers #27, "Soooo-Wheeee!!!" Written by Jeff Parker, pencils by Ig Guara, inks by Sandro Ribeiro; "And Some Other Small Problems" Written by Paul Tobin, pencils by Jacopo Camagni, inks by Troy Hubbs and Norman Lee.

Wasp, Ant-Man, Hulk, Storm, and Spidey get sent to a county fair; and when Ant-Man accidentally shrinks the others, hi-jinks ensue. Along with some Babe and Charlotte's Web references. Meanwhile, back in New York, Cap and Iron Man face a tiny alien invasion; then deal with some spammers--hey, it's the Enforcers! For some guys that never, ever, ever came close to beating Spider-Man, they seem pretty optimistic about beating Cap and Iron Man.

A ton of fun, and a Chris Giarrusso Fantastic Four vs. Skrulls short! I got the Marvel Adventures: Invasion trade as well, and I'm looking forward to flipping through it.


Dale Bagwell said...

Nice. I'm surprised they didn't show IM and Cap rolling on the ground laughing at the Enforcers. I mean shit Cap could take all three with just one arm.
Nice references though. I guess since they're at a county fair it only makes to include them.

Also, people complain about there not being enough kids-friendly books, at yet here's this, and it didn't really sell well did it?

SallyP said...

Cap does look awfully happy there, doesn't he?