Friday, November 13, 2015

OK, my fault for coming in late:

This issue reveals a big secret from the start of the series, which would probably mean something, if I'd been reading at the start of the series. From 2011, iZombie #17, "Falling" Written by Chris Roberson, art by Michael Allred.

I picked up two random issues of the comic iZombie at a comic show, since I love the show, that sentence could be clearer, but moving on! Easily my favorite of the current crop of superhero/comic-based shows, but it's also fairly removed from the source material. Surely some of that is for budgetary concerns--talking monkeys and wereterriers probably don't cost out well--but other changes seem less so. Changing the setting from Eugene, OR to Seattle--which is fine by me, since my current home in Washington has been mentioned a few episodes! And changing the lead's name from Gwen Dylan to Olivia 'Liv' Moore...

OK, having come in from the TV version first, I like the name Liv Moore better. So, I'm pretty sure the comic version has its charms, but I was already taken by the show, sorry.


Dale Bagwell said...

Seems like a charming little series, especially with that unbeatable Michael Allred art, but I don't know about the show myself. Too CW-y if that's even a word.

Cool that your home town gets shout outs though.

Alexis Oliver said...

Your favorite?! WTF. You have failed this city!