Monday, November 16, 2015

Not...not OK, bro.

Today's my last vacation day for the year (which the exception of the actual holidays) so we'll just take a quick look at two new figures, NECA's Superman: the Movie Christopher Reeve Superman, and Batman '66 Adam West Batman.

So much drama getting these guys! I asked Toys R Us online the other day, and was told my entire state wasn't going to get these figures. I eBay'd a Supes, a package deal with Man of Steel on DVD and like eight bucks shipping; then Hastings was maybe going to be selling them, either online or possibly in store. Then Saturday I find them in my local Toys R Us, easy as pie.

There have been reports of breakage, of quality control problems. I personally didn't have any issues, although I did spring for Toys R Us's replacement plan, which is probably dumb but I was that skittish about it. I feel like Supe's neck could use just a hair more range for him to look up and nail the flying pose, but it's not bad.

This is 7-inch scale, so this figure towers over Mattel's version. He probably won't fit in the Batmobile, so NECA Bats won't replace the older model entirely. Check them out if you see them!


Dale Bagwell said...

They do look really cool though, I just hope you don't suffer from broken-leg syndrome like I've seen from some other people, especially on that Christopher Reeves Superman, which would be morbidly appropriate. Too soon?;)

SallyP said...

Christopher Reeve IS Superman!