Tuesday, November 24, 2015

With a name like 'Vampre,' you shouldn't be surprised by this turn of events.

Sometimes you buy a comic for the cover, or in this case covers: one from Mike Mignola, and a flip-cover from Gene Colan, for 1995's the Death of Lady Vampre #1, created and written by Bruce Schoengood, pencils by Dave Gutierrez, inks by M.A. Moussa.

This was the origin issue for the Blackout Comics bad girl character, as the titular vampire slaughters a wedding party and forces the groom to 'marry' her. This causes Elizabeth Vampre to recall her wedding day, in 1862, and her wedding night, which I'm features some lingerie that I'm pretty sure was not historically accurate. But her groom is murdered by a female vampire, and Elizabeth is taken to another vampire, Confederate Major Brant; who says she looks like an "Angelique." A priest saves Elizabeth from Brant, but the priest also turns out to be a vampire! The "priest," Baraclaw, used that ruse to get Elizabeth to trust him, so he could turn her into a vampire to replace his lost Angelique. The pair go on slaughtering humans through the Civil War, and Lincoln's assassination was actually Booth trying to kill Baraclaw. Which is kind of a weird place for the issue to end, but there you go.

I don't think Lady Vampre was the breakout character for Blackout, but she would have a few more appearances in the 90's.


Staci said...

Made it to work. Don't leave ur phone at home!

Staci said...

Never mind Portland. On back order 'til December 18th

Dale Bagwell said...

Honestly never heard of her, even though the name Blackout comics sounds familiar. Any other title from them good enough to go seek out?

googum said...

Not to the best of my knowledge. This one had those covers, which were pretty nice, but that was about it. Weirdly, the artist uses those little floating bubbles a few times, like she's tripping hard or confused, or both.