Tuesday, December 22, 2015

In case the "Great Disaster" wasn't great enough for you:

I picked up most of this series for a buck an issue, but did have to order the last one: from 2013, Joe Kubert Presents #6, featuring stories and art from Joe Kubert, Henrik Jonsson, Sam Glanzman, and more. But my favorite this issue was a Kamandi eight-pager by Kubert and Brandon Vietti, "Devil's Play." It adds a couple new wrinkles to both Kamandi and the Great Disaster, as Kamandi here also works as a scientist, intent on discovering a cure to restore humanity's intelligence; and that there may have been even more to the Great Disaster than anyone could've possibly guessed. Namely, the involvement of the supernatural, personified by Etrigan the Demon!

This Etrigan seems full-on evil, and hints that maybe some force wanted the Great Disaster to happen. It's also a great-looking little story, and I wish it could be followed-up on.


Dale Bagwell said...

Hmmm, this really does look good, especially the art. I'm trying to remember, but was there ever a full explanation about what caused it, besides that horrible Countdown to final crisis one?

googum said...

I don't know! Kirby may have said, but my collection is sadly incomplete. Totally would'a bought a cheap Showcase b&w trade of Kamandi.

Dale Bagwell said...

I believe Kirby intentionally left it vague, maybe leaving it to future writers to fill in later, or because he maybe didn't care. I know they later tied the Atomic Knights to the great disaster, but that was it.