Wednesday, December 30, 2015


So, I saw my town's local production of Evil Dead: the Musical a couple months back; and I've watched a couple versions of the play on YouTube since: they did a mighty solid version! The production values were top-notch. And then I bought a ton of discounted fake blood after Halloween, which we'll be overusing later...

Even with a disposable rain smock, I was still pretty bloody on my drive home. No one in my neighborhood said boo. I'm not saying be snoopy, but see something say something, man.


Dale Bagwell said...

That is kinda weird your neighbors see you in a bloody smock and don't say anything.... Well at least they weren't too nosy and called the cops on you. Is wearing a bloody smock a common thing over there? ;)

Gremlins huh? I'd have figured the same ones that plagued Bugs Bunny in one cartoon, but this'll do.

SallyP said...

Wade is surprisingly forgiving about all this. Comes with the territory I suppose.