Monday, December 14, 2015

"Settle a Bet."

If you have Ross Stores in your area, some may have some fairly recent DC Collectibles figures, like the Simon Baz Green Lantern, or the Talon figure we see here with the Court of Owls mask. In fact, one store had two Talons, and it was sorely tempting to buy them both and have a little squad of them. There's also an Armored Lex Luthor figure down to like $25: he's a deluxe figure, pretty good-sized, and the smirkiest looking bastard I've ever seen. I held off on buying him so far (partially, because I just dropped $100 on the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Kickstarter, which was a pretty good deal for 14 new episodes!) but that figure was probably the idea for this one.


Dale Bagwell said...

Ha ha, not bad, not bad. Love Lex being super-delusional as if he could take Bruce armor or not. That is a pretty sweet NECA Superman though, but really looks pretty fragile too. Any problems so far?

Sending you a Christmas card today as well.

SallyP said...

Oh, we ALL prefer the Christopher Reeve Superman. But this is superb. Why can't they do stuff like this in the comic books?