Monday, August 29, 2016

Either an extra-crafty, extra-circuitous plan; or Loki just managed to fail uphill.

In the movies, Loki usually seems at least three steps ahead of everyone else. In Avengers in particular, getting captured isn't a setback for him, it's just another step in his plan. In the comics, Loki's schemes aren't always as well thought out...but sometimes...From 1971, Thor #194, "This Fatal Fury!" Written by Gerry Conway, pencils by John Buscema, inks by Sal Buscema.

Loki's controlling the board at the start here: he's got the Odin-Ring, he's got storm giants backing him up, he's got Thor away from Mjolnir, and he's got a wedding planned, to the Lady Sif! Dragging her off, they don't notice Thor turn into Dr. Donald Blake, scamper away from the giants, and regain Mjolnir. Fighting reams of giants, the people of Asgard are more than impressed with their prince, but can't disobey while Loki has the Odin-Ring...even though it is causing Loki some pain.

Thor brings the battle to the wedding, while the Warriors Three wake Odin from the Odinsleep, and discover he can't intercede. For a change, Loki is able to overpower Thor in battle, but the power of the Odinring becomes too much for him, leaving him alternately blind and withered until he casts it away, for Odin to casually pick back up. Odin banishes Loki once again, and as Thor and Sif embrace, he explains the ring isn't the power, merely a tool. Still, the Vizier takes Odin aside, to check out the Cosmic Well, and they observe Loki, cackling with glee, apparently banished to exactly where he wanted to be! Odin seems to realize he messed up, bad...!

Also this issue: a Stan Lee/Jack Kirby reprint, "The Golden Apples!"

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SallyP said...

Honestly, Odin spent half his time falling asleep, or disowning Thor, or standing around looking regal, but being stupid. No wonder Loki would be pulling shenanigans.