Friday, August 12, 2016

The Sliding Scale, and a pile of boxes.

I've mentioned before, and have long been trying to quantify, my sliding scale for stuff: if I can get a comic/figure/movie/whatever for dirt cheap, in terms of enjoyment, it can get a few points towards a better grade than if I'd paid full price. A crappy comic for $4 is going to stay crappy, but I can wring some enjoyment out of it if it only cost a quarter. And for $20 a pop, these figures might be disappointing; but for five bucks each? Not bad at all!

These Batman v. Superman figures had been on the shelves for some time, but the Suicide Squad figures had only been there for maybe a month? Still, I think my local Wal-Mart had to clear space for the next batch of whatever. And for a quarter of the price, the Armored Batman isn't too shabby. The hair-piece on the Aquaman isn't securely glued on, though--like my old Kitty Pryde figure!

Neither of them have ears!


Dale Bagwell said...

That last pic......scary *Shudder* Same thing happened to me after I bought my DC Direct NU52 Bizarro, and his hair fell off, so I had to re-glue it on again using Gorilla glue. It's held so far.

Yeah my local Wal-mart stalked the Squad figures too, But no new Marvel Legends tho:(

The squad figure look ok, I guess, like the Rick Flag one, but honestly they look like taller GI Joes to me. Shitty....

Received my new ML X-Men wave Deadpool and Cable yesterday, and i just ordered the the Wolverine figure from that wave. Can't wait.

SallyP said...

Um... those bald figures are... disturbing .