Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Another downer ending! Is Pool's space trip headed for a bad end? it's been going gangbusters so far.

Ooh, and Praxis rings, or the Praxis effect, named after the exploding moon in Star Trek VI! It's an almost common effect in explosions now, the ring made by a shockwave; and also one we have absolutely no way of demonstrating, sorry.

Ugh, I was ahead for a bit, but falling behind now. Hopefully I can get back on schedule this weekend!


Dale Bagwell said...

Hey not bad. It could be grimmer I guess. Would've been cool to see some kind of sweat effect on Dayton's face while he was trying to escape....of course that wasn't an issue after the ending. Surprised you killed him off so quickly.

SallyP said...

Waaaaaah! Sad Deadpool and Kurt. Amy seemed to like the explosion at least. And at least evil Val Kilmer got his just desserts.

googum said...

Ugh, if I remembered to write commentary for this when I did these...his death was ripped from the Black Hole! Ernest Borgnine's character was like an embedded journalist (on an extended deep space mission, so deeply embedded, I guess) that tries to bail out and ditch the rest of the crew; and gets shot down in short order while trying to escape!