Tuesday, October 25, 2016

This wasn't all from my last Hastings run, but a good chunk of what I got in their close-out. I do need to log out what I got, after I sort out the few things I got for gifts later, or to keep unopened. (I don't do a ton of that, but there were a couple things like Minimates or a retro Flash Gordon.)

Some of these I probably wouldn't have bought if they had been full price...or more than $2.50, but still.


Dale Bagwell said...

Damn son. Someone's been binge-shopping! At least you got a shitload of those on the cheap. I just bought a bunch of Dr. Strange wave figures I normally wouldn't, and all for full price. You know how real the plastic crack addiction is.

Funny bit with Deadman and those horrible reboot Ghostbusters.
You watch that movie?

googum said...

I did, and I thought it was all right. (I don't have the huge love for the old ones either though: they're both good, not great, for me.)