Friday, October 14, 2016

When Moon Knight's the voice of reason in your comic, you know there's problems.

Admittedly, Daken is having more problems than the last time we saw him, like having been shot in the head. From 2011, Daken: Dark Wolverine #15, "Moonwalk, part III" Written by Rob Williams, pencils by Michele Bertilorenzi and Riley Rossmo, inks by John Lucas and Riley Rossmo.

While Daken was fighting Moon Knight, an impostor attacked and convinced FBI agent Donna Kiel that Daken was the wanted "Claws Killer," and Kiel shot Daken in the head. Crammed full of drugs and short his healing factor, things look bad for Daken; and he spends most of the rest of the issue in a bizarre afterlife with the recently deceased Johnny Storm. (Was Johnny ever really dead? Well, that may all be in what's left of Daken's head.)

Kiel and Moon Knight continue to work the Claws Killer case, with MK discovering his true identity, actor and drug dealer (and former lover of Daken) Marcus Rosten. Who already has Kiel hopelessly addicted to the drug Heat...

I grabbed a few cheap issues of Daken, often thinking I'd get the last issue for "The End" week, still haven't. Still, I have kind of enjoyed how for having his own title, Daken is rarely portrayed especially sympathetically in it. The villain may be worse, but it's hard to say Daken doesn't have this coming to him.

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Dale Bagwell said...

I don't think I'd go out of my to buy this series, but your reviews make it seem kinda interesting. Forgot that the human torch was supposed to be dead? And was there any follow up to when Daken basically hit on Johnny and Ben?