Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Once again, I would've liked to see the story the cover promised.

A character I don't like (I had his action figure for weeks without opening it!) and a guest star I really like...during a direction I didn't care for at all. This did turn out better than expected, though. From 2011, Daken: Dark Wolverine #13, "Moonwalk, part 1" Written by Rob Williams, art by Mick Bertilorenzi with Riley Rossmo.

Wolverine's awful kid Daken had been plotting to take over the criminal underworld of Los Angeles, although there had been a few snags. Like a fight with Taskmaster, an FBI agent hounding him, and a serious drug problem. Worse, Daken doesn't know it yet, but four Avengers are on the case now--no, wait, it's just Moon Knight and his imaginary friends. I really did not care for this direction for him, but Williams at least as some fun with it, with Marc Spector having a prolonged conversation with himself in the movie theater.

FBI agent Kiel is after the "claws killer," who she thinks is probably Daken. For his part, Daken isn't quite positive he's not the killer, since he had been taking a drug called Heat and blacking out; and he wanted to be sure it wasn't him. Daken murders some criminals to try and take his mind off his withdrawals, then tries to use Kiel as bait at a party. Still, when some Heat changes hands, Daken can smell it (possibly metaphorically, since earlier this issue Daken claims to not have his dad's enhanced sense of smell) and takes a hit. Half a hit, anyway, he feels like that's progress. Still, when he tries to catch up to Kiel, Daken is waylaid by Moon Knight, who intends to administer a little fatherly discipline with strap-on Wolvie claws!

Not to damn with faint praise, but this was better than I would've thought a Daken comic would be. Still, the cover--featuring Moon Knight psychoanalyzing Daken!--promised a more interesting, or at least very different book.

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Dale Bagwell said...

Actually funny thing is after we talked about him, I went back and put him on my Amazon wishlist. Still think anything more than 20$, which he is currently going for high 20's-mid-30's is too high for this particular figure, and that's not even mentioning the unmasked variant.

Seems like a decent enough issue, and Rob Williams really is a solid writer, depending on the character, but yeah, just the concept of MK psycho-analyzing Daken seems too interesting to pass up...if it actually happened that is.

Got my new BP and Magneto figures on the mail yesterday though.
Should have Namor in later this week.