Wednesday, July 06, 2016


My crappy vent set-up wasn't ideal, but the plot's starting to move faster than I can cobble together new set pieces. Hopefully. I'm trying to stay two weeks ahead since I have a vacation coming up, but I have extra days off in July which should help.


Dale Bagwell said...

Hey, I'm back!!!! I emailed you about what happened and now I'm in full-on catch up mode.

Gotta' say if nothing else, love the risks you take in cobbling together new sets and stuff. Brother, you are a true inspiration there 'cause I'm too lazy as fuck to show that amount of dedication. The more you do this this, the better you'll be. trust me.

Damn that 'Pool tho....always so caring;)

SallyP said...

Yes, what could possibly go wrong?