Thursday, July 28, 2016

In hindsight, I'm not sure who's checking Namor out more, Jean or Bobby.

The Professor gets top billing on this title, possibly just to differentiate it from the other eleven books in the X-checklist this month. From 1996, Professor X and the X-Men #7, "Supreme Notions" Written by Fred Schiller, pencils by Nick Gnazzo, inks by Ian Akin.

This book was another of Marvel's 99-cent titles of the time, and was retelling classic Lee/Kirby X-Men stories with more modern art and storytelling. Great idea, except it was 90's art and storytelling. (I'm kidding. A little.) This issue retold 1964's X-Men #6, and featured the Sub-Mariner, who had formed a brief alliance with Magneto. They got along for approximately no pages this issue...

Bonus two-page Magneto character profile spread from Jan Duursema: Professor X's A-V set-up is off the hook, yo.


Dale Bagwell said...

Ha ha, fair question now that Marvel let Bendis out Bobby. So both?
Hey, I used to love reading these!!! I enjoyed the Nick Gnazzo art(which was still better a lot of his peers at the time) and the stories were pretty solid, but nothing really worth gushing over. If nothing else, you definitely got your 99 cents' worth.
Loved this gimmick, cause sometime they'd pair another 99 cent book with this one or another one like the criminally-underrated Untold Tales of Spider-Man. A true steal for only 99 cents!

SallyP said...

Oh totally rock those tiny scaled briefs. I'll bet Magneto was checking him out!

Anonymous said...

The two page spread is also by Nick Gnazzo yo.