Thursday, July 14, 2016

If Rebel was picked over me, I'd probably go bad too...

Sometimes, I get back issues super-cheap, guys. Like so cheap that they're worth picking up for a Mike Mignola cover, or so the Youngest can use the backing boards to draw on. Like today's books! From 1994, Will to Power: #2-5, 11-12; written by Randy Stradley, Mike Richardson, Jerry Prosser, and Chris Warner; with art by Warner, Jim Somerville, Brian Apthorp, Mike Manley, Tomm Coker, and more.

It's probably somewhat telling that the Wikipedia entry for Will to Power seems to trail off after the first few issues of the event...this was the second weekly series from Dark Horse for their superhero universe, the optimistically named Comics' Greatest World. Like the first series, this one featured stops in each of CGW's locales, like Arcadia and Golden City; but Will to Power follows their Superman-analog, Titan; as he goes his own way from Golden City, recaps his origin, and slowly goes bad.

Not unlike Malibu's Ultraverse, Dark Horse waded right in trying to create an entire superhero universe; when they might've been better served with just a few characters rather than a flood. Ghost (who doesn't appear in this series, save for an ad on the back cover!) was the breakout star in the comics, while Barb Wire of course had a movie. X and King Tiger have had a couple tries as well, too.

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