Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Admittedly, Zorro and Moonstalker show a fair bit of skin, too.

From the 90's, I remember the ads and Adam Hughes covers for Lady Rawhide, but have only seen actual comics with her by random chance. Like today's book! From 1994, Zorro #8, "As They Die Around You" Written by Don McGregor, pencils by Mike Mayhew, inks by Andy Mushynsky, letters by Michael Delepine. I don't always give letter credits here, but Delepine does a few interesting things in these scans, and McGregor's a wordy writer, so he had a lot to do.

This issue, Zorro is dismayed to realize his old enemy Lucien Machete isn't dead, but spends the bulk of the issue tangling with Lady Rawhide and Moonstalker. It's all a bit Marvel Misunderstanding, since they're all heroes, but at cross purposes and from an era without masked types: heck, they probably didn't have a lot of reasons to trust unmasked types either. Rawhide has to make a quick exit, since the brawl took place in the rain, and in defense of her secret identity, she couldn't chance the dye being washed out of her hair. Yeah, in that costume, nobody was gonna notice: there's a shot of her making a jump onto a horse, that Zorro admires a lot...

I've never read a lot of Zorro, or seen his films or anything. Like many comics fans, to me he's best known for his Batman connection; but that shouldn't take anything away from the character.

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Dale Bagwell said...

That is some pretty damn sweet Mike Mayhew art if nothing else.
Love the name Moonstalker too. Why didn't Marvel or DC use that one first?