Wednesday, November 23, 2016

"Delay of game."

It's Sunday night as I write this, and I took at least five carloads of stuff to my new apartment today. None of said stuff is really where it needs to be, most of it is in the garage right now, but I had no intention of parking in there anyway. I'm kind of fried right now, but I'm getting closer. Of course, I still have a ton of cleaning to do over Thanksgiving, and have to strike the set! We'll see if it comes together exactly the same next time!


Dale Bagwell said...

Hope all is well on the moving in homefront.
Can't wait to see where this goes, story-wise.
Shot you an email last week about my address. Don't know if you got it, but I'll give you a call if you're free-ish Sunday.
Oh, free-plug: Just posted my 1000th post, where 'Pool and the Creeper finally meet. Lots of fun and smack-talking.
Happy early Turkey Day buddy!

SallyP said...

Oh Kurt... what have you done?