Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Sometimes I'll buy a quarter book (or dollar, more likely nowadays) even if I already have it, if it's too good to leave behind; or if I might not have read it before but might have. Today's book was more of the latter than the former: from 2003, Battle of the Planets: Mark #1, cover and art direction by Alex Ross, written by Munier Sharrieff, pencils by Edwin David, digital inks by Erik Ko.

The leader of G-Force has his vacation interrupted by an ambush from Red Impulse, the "United Armed Forces covert air strike force." But it's not an attack, more like an initiation: their leader, Colonel Cronus, was missing and presumed dead, and they needed a new boss. Actually, the Impulse's second, Major Maelstrom, suspected Cronus might've survived, and needed Mark's help to find him. It's a quick adventure yarn, with some spy action, piloting, and punch-ups. Finding Cronus, Mark is thrilled to get to fight alongside his hero, even though the rest of the book he's been badmouthing his MIA deadbeat dad...who of course, is Cronus.

I'm actually 90% sure I had this issue, but didn't have the one-shot for Jason. And looking it up, Princess got a six-issue solo mini-series; which goes a bit towards showing who the most popular team member actually was.

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