Monday, August 06, 2018

Not quite one arm tied behind his back, but close.

As always, I get Marvel's cowboy kids mixed up, but he's...the one with the vest? From 2009, Kid Colt #1, "Kill the Kid!" Written by Tom DeFalco, art by Rick Burchett.

There's a Brosnan James Bond movie--The World is Not Enough, one of my favorite Bond themes and good up to when "Christmas Jones" shows up--where Bond is injured before the credits, and then plays the rest of the movie with a mild handicap that doesn't really deter him much. Kid Colt's in the same boat for much of this issue, winged by a bounty hunter but still shooting one handed.

Two-Gun Rawhide Outlaw? Kid Colt picks up a new sidekick this issue, drifter Everett "Hawk" Hawkmore; a previously unmentioned younger brother is added to his origin (Kid Kid Colt? Kid Colt Kid?) and was believed killed with the rest of his family but maybe not; and is given a plot-engine goal: if he could find one of the former gang members that fled the crooked sheriff, he could maybe prove his innocence. Doubtful, but maybe? I think Kid Colt's only been seen a couple times since--ah, damnit, I was thinking of Two-Gun Kid's somewhat inexplicable appearance in the present in Skaar: King of the Savage Land #3! He's wearing the same damn vest! I was just wishing, for variety, that Hasbro would make a Marvel Legends Kid Colt; but if they sculpted one they could get most of them. Actually, if you have the A.I.M. soldier (Our pal Amy!) Hasbro has a perfect base for a western character already. He needs a new headsculpt and some accessories, but it would be eminently doable. (EDIT: I doubt they would spring for the sculpting, but a horse would be great for their Riders series!)

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