Wednesday, August 01, 2018

"Training Day."

Ah, Timmy. I'm not sure I've ever even posted a picture of that Pitt BAF--which hovers at about $185 on eBay, even if I don't think he's appeared in a comic this decade. But poor hapless Timmy has been in many, many strips here, even without having a single point of articulation! That just shows what can happen when you believe, right?

Timmy gets traumatized by puppets, and Deadpool
Timmy subs in for Kamandi, since I never thought we'd get a Kamandi figure
Timmy vs. Iron Fist, possibly our first homemade strip ever
Timmy and Franklin vs. Riddler and Penguin
Timmy and Franklin vs. Man-Bat
Timmy and Franklin vs. Anti-Venom
Timmy vs. the zombie apocalypse

In short: Timmy, won't you?


Dale Bagwell said...

First off, Happy Birthday Goo!!!!!!! How's it feel turning 47? (Ooops was I not supposed to reveal your real age tot he world?) Probably as sad as me turning 37 in 3 days I'd imagine, or not, you seem to handle the whole aging thing better than me.

DAT DOOM PATROL ARCADE GAME THO!!! Man, if only right?

Speaking of, you nailed it with the line about drunk 20(more like 30 somethings is right) That's pretty much while Dave and Buster's exists.

I don't know if you intentionally posed White Tiger(Kitten) to paw at the claw machine, but if so, kudos for that subtle bit of story-telling.

Yeah, haven't seen Timmmy in a loooonnnng time.

SallyP said...

Where DO you find these incredible props?

Oh Felicia, your combination of larceny and utter carelessness is just...overwhelming.