Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I first saw the phrase "drop gun" in Warren Ellis's crime graphic novel Scars, with art by Jacen Burrows: a homicide detective beats the living hell out of a fellow cop for carrying one. In that case, it was a .38 tricked out with band-aids, so it wouldn't take prints; intended for dropping at a crime scene to make any shooting a good one. In this case, I figured the Penguin would have no qualms about leaving evidence at a crime scene, to set Batman on...anyone else.

The "Platinum Peregrine" sounded like something the Penguin would try to steal, and it's based on "The Malay Penguin."


Dale Bagwell said...

Love it! Batman's Rogues Gallery, ala Keystone Kops. Nice. We've definitely got to see more situations like this, cause I'm loving each crook trying to frame the other one. Awesome.

SallyP said...

Eddie does seem to be a tad out of his depth on this one.