Friday, August 29, 2008

"Side effects may include drowsiness, irritability, and sudden loss of distinctive word balloons."

The Lt. Malcolm Reed figure from Enterprise that has been filling the shoes of Bob here, is absurdly taller than a Marvel Legends figure like Deadpool or Nightcrawler. Oddly enough, I actually have another Reed figure downstairs: I think I got one cheap, then got another one with a chunk of the bridge, also cheap. Of course, the one downstairs is in a display of Star Trek figures and holding two phasers; while "Bob" is turning into a poor excuse for a butler.

"Gunny" is from a Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer set, a resident of the Island of Misfit Toys. A squirt gun that shot jelly? How is that a misfit? I think that would top kids' Christmas lists now.

If anyone has any idea on this one, shout it out: how many people, if indeed any, has Doc Samson actually helped as a psychiatrist? His treatments of the Hulk have been, at best, stopgap measures, and on more than one occasion has done more harm than good. The famous issue of X-Factor where he examines each of the team, his recommendations are completely ignored, and he seems more than smitten with Polaris. (For her part, Polaris seems hung up about her weight, then managed to drop her imagined fat through the simple expedience of a broken jaw wired shut. She then reveals to Samson her new costume, showing a lot more skin than before.)

The drug Samson mentions giving Pool is a real one, the result of five minutes of "research" on Wikipedia. But the idea for this strip, besides getting Doc Samson, was a comment from Justin over at uatublog/in-between the lines that mentioned around here, it's like Deadpool's taking his medication.

But I thought about that, and Pool can't just take his meds: in this instance, his healing factor would work against him, processing the foreign toxin out of his system before it could do any good. Like Wolverine, Deadpool probably has a hard time getting any sort of buzz from booze (although both chug beer like water, neither ever gets really drunk or a beer gut), and we've seen other drugs fail rather spectacularly for Pool as well.

(From Deadpool #65, "Healing Factor: Prologue" The first issue of Gail Simone and Udon's run. Art with Alvin Lee, Rob Ross, Erice Vedder, A-Zero and TR2. And I love Dave Sharpe's letters.)

So, Deadpool will probably remain at least this crazy for the foreseeable future, and so should all of you! Have a good weekend, and something else next week! Read more!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"This is one of those universal experiences, that happens to everyone, that still makes you look like a total jerk."

Is Xavier's school currently demolished, or am I thinking of...some other school of mutants. I'm positive this has happened to each and every one of you at some point: someone, doesn't matter who--friend, family, work, whatever--wrangles a favor out of you that you really don't want to do, that's time-consuming, that's just a pain. Then when you're done, it wasn't needed, or someone else finished it, or it just goes completely unnoticed or wasted. Of course, then you're frustrated, or hurt, or just pissed; and now you're the jerk.

What? No, that hasn't happened recently...oh, all right, fine, I'm the jerk. Conclusion on Friday!

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"I love you guys, but I'm not crunching this up in the scanner."

I was finally able to watch the ancient videotape copy of Lone Wolf & Cub: "Baby Cart to Hades" that I bought who knows how long ago for ninety-nine cents. So. Frigging. Awesome. I've only read a few of the reprints--a couple of the old First comics ones, and just a few more of the Dark Horse little square digests, and enjoyed them, but was unprepared for how much I was going to enjoy the movie version.

Of course, I had to find this by that random happenstance I'm always on about, but here's a chunk of it to see if it grabs you. There is some sword-skewering action, but it's probably safe for work, hell, it's from 1972:

I'm not going to lazy out all week with YouTube stuff, but this one's worth it. God, I would love a Marvel Legend/DC Universe Classics scale Lone Wolf and Cub with baby cart. Hmm, probably have to sell the cart separately with all the weapons...

Kazuo Koike and Goseki Kojima's Lone Wolf and Cub was also the subject of one of the best parodies in Gail Simone's "You'll All Be Sorry". Keep in mind, it's only a slight exaggeration. Very slight. Read more!

Monday, August 25, 2008

"This is why I have to schedule out six hours to watch a ninety-minute movie."

Although it occured to me when I was putting the pictures up, with his ever-present bag of salty snacks, and his I'm-not-doing-squat attitude, Nightcrawler seems to be heading into the territory Toyfare's Mego Spidey. Still, Nightcrawler is more apt to be guilted into things.

I still haven't seen Damnation Alley: I found it on YouTube, but then my speaker quit working on the computer. Here's the scene Kurt mentions, though:

I've only half-watched it, but the "Landmaster" interior looks like a nicer motor home. Wikipedia mentions the film, and without so much as calling it craptacular, points out some of the problems it ran into: held up an inordinate amount of time in post-production, it was beat to the punch by another science-fiction film...The writeup on writer Roger Zelazny sites it's influence, including the classic Judge Dredd epic, "The Cursed Earth," the first Dredd stories I read.

While I wasn't in the circus as a kid, when I was younger I usually rented movies with the same crew of friends every weekend. My folks were always kind of strict on the R-rated movies, so this was the easiest way to see them; but sometimes, if I was gone for a weekend, they'd rent movies without me. That next week back at the video store was never fun.
ME: (pulling a display box of the shelf) Hey, this looks good.
ANY ONE OF MY FRIENDS: (glances at it) Yeah, we watched that. It was awesome.
ME: So, could we--
MY FRIENDS: Nah, man, we're not getting that.

It was friggin' years before I saw Aliens, for pete's sake. Pretty sure it's why I've never seen any of the Phantasm movies, either. Dang.

On the other hand, that sets up a great story about my dad. He was a principal at a junior high for a mess of years, including when me and then my sister were in junior high. But in grade school, sometimes I would ride into school in the morning with him, which meant I'd be there way too early, so I'd hang out and read or do homework in his office before heading off to my school across the street.

So, one Sunday night, Alien was on TV. I'm almost positive it was on ABC, since their announcer really sold it with a very ominous voiceover. My love of science-fiction, monsters, and so forth was already cemented by that age, so I was dying to stay up and see it; but there's no way my folks would let me stay up that late on a school night.

That next morning, I asked my dad how if he watched it. This is almost twenty years later, but I can remember this almost verbatim: "Oh, it wasn't that great. There's these astronauts or miners or whatever, and they find this weird spaceship. One of them gets this thing stuck on his face, but then he's ok, but then a monster explodes out of his chest during dinner. And they're trying to kill the monster, and one of the astronauts turned out to be a wasn't that great." I don't know exactly where in there I had to bite down on my fist to keep from screaming...sadly, it was years before I finally got to see it for myself, and I'm pretty sure I saw Spaceballs before then as well... Read more!

Friday, August 22, 2008

"(Almost) Deleted Scene: An excuse to slap together a new set."

This was originally going to be the start of next week's strip, but it doesn't have anything to do with Deadpool and his therapy. It's just a way to justify redoing the apartment set with some cheapo furniture: I built the damn thing so it would fit in the lightbox, then took the pictures on the table as usual anyway.

I wanted to use this in a Nightcrawler proposal I submitted to Marvel in that Epic thing a couple of years back: Mystique leaves Kurt a dump truck full of cash, ostensibly to make up for being a bad mom (you know, the abandonment, attempted homicide of his friends, and so on) but probably just to mess with him. Disposable income would be a good excuse to get Kurt out of the X-Mansion, since while he and the other X-Men never seemed like they were short on green, how? Granted, they didn't have to pay for rent or food or the Danger Room, but still. Did they get a stipend or something from Professor Xavier? Because that seems like it would suck. Like getting an allowance for fighting Sabertooth or the Toad.

Ah, hell: there was probably another joke there about Mystique being registered and law-abiding, while Kurt's apparently still not...oh, and shape-changing mom, that's why everyone thinks he's a Skrull! Blah, I should've deleted this one, but Deadpool's therapy on Monday, see you then! Read more!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"The Meme should be, 'how many frigging links can I cram in one post?'"

The Fortress Keeper tagged me the other day from the Fortress of Fortitude with a meme from A Trout in the Milk: What’s YOUR favourite blogpost of all time? ("Favourite"? Pillock must be quite literate, or a Brit...)

Good question. And like a lot of questions, ask me now and you'll get one answer, ask me next week and you'll get something else. And where to even start? The classics like Seanbaby? Bloggers that may not be on full time any more, but are hardly forgotten like Ye Olde Comick Booke Blogge, Random Panels, or Gone and Forgotten? (The first two links aren't to the homepages, but to personal favorites, and the first one is especially well written.)

Fortunately, "favorite" is completely subjective.

And I read a lot of blogs: I have a job where if no one's bothering me, I can read your entire archive in a good afternoon. So there's the danger of forgetting someone...still, I do remember the blog posts that inspired me to start blogging. For instance, a classic from Bully at Comics Oughta Be Fun! that answered a long running question for me. Go check it out here, I'll wait.

I asked that in the comment section of a prior post, somehow assuming that heavy (so to speak) theological questions like that one were the baliwick of a little stuffed bull. And damn right they are!

Thanks, Bully! (Bully also tackles the serious issues every so often, and I don't mean comics. Check here if you haven't already.)

Shoot, and now I'm supposed to tag some people: how about Comics All Too Real, Bob Mitchell in the 21st Century, Brainfreeze, Siskoid of Siskoid's Blog of Geekery, and The Hurting. There's a couple of other blogs I didn't tag since I think they might've been tagged already; but I'm curious to see what these guys think. Huh. Suppose I should tell them they're tagged or something...
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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

In case you didn't approve of Doc Samson's retro look:
Panel one: that outfit, rocks.
I mentioned this a while back: John Byrne's new costume design for Doc Samson in his 80's Incredible Hulk run, these panels circa issue #317. ("You're Probably Wondering Why I Called You Here Today..." Story and art by Byrne, background inks by Keith Williams.) Guh, that's not great. I don't know much about fashion, but I do know I would need super-powers to wear that: so I could kick the asses of anyone who laughed...

The results of Deadpool's therapy, coming soon! Barring that disaster I'm always mentioning. Read more!

Monday, August 18, 2008

"This is just slightly better than showing up for a job interview that turns out to be selling steak knives door-to-door."

The title of this one:  totally happened to me once.   Thrilling.Sweet Kirby Krackle, I would love to see a Hellboy-Demon fight. The Demon's rhyming banter would drive HB up the wall, but Etrigan is also tough enough to put up a good fight. I prefer good Etrigan over from the pits of hell enslaved monster Etrigan, but the evil one would be a better match and would doubtless dog Hellboy over his heritage and supposed destiny.

On the tailend here, we've got Man-Wolf, Frankenstein, Ghost Rider and Jack O'Lantern from Toy Biz's Marvel days. Then there's Mattel's Bizarro and Scarecrow, and a few others we've seen before: the Mezco Frankenstein, the House of the Dead figure, the McFarlane Tin Man.

Still haven't seen Hellboy 2, but the Wife took the Boys to see the last showing of Speed Racer the other day while I was at work. She said it was a lot longer than it needed to be, but the kids liked it; especially the Youngest, who was clapping and shaking his little fists for about ten minutes after the last race. Even through a quiet part, and he was looking around like everyone should be clapping. Of course, and I honestly don't mean this to be bitter, mean, or sarcastic; while Speed Racer didn't do as well in the theatres as expected; a brightly candy-colored movie about spinning things flying around in circles for two and a half hours? Was it specifically made for autistic kids? The Youngest might not talk much, but I bet he'll ask for the DVD...

(I'm poking a little fun, but that kid's making some headway; and I think that'll just keep going when school starts again for him. And I was able to get him a Mach V for himself, since his brother and I both have ours...)

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Friday, August 15, 2008

"Doesn't it suck to go to a job interview and see someone you know, going for the same job?"

Long before the Hellboy movies, there were the occasional crossover with other comic characters. The Batman/Starman/Hellboy (I may be wrong on the billing order there) is probably the best known, since Mignola actually did the art for that one; but it's not my favorite. If I had the old Painkiller Jane figure, she would've been up there with Ghost, the Goon, and the Savage Dragon. Hard to say which one's the best: the Goon one is probably the funniest, Ghost's crossover has the virtue of being back when neither she nor Hellboy really knew their origins, and the Dragon issues may actually be in Hellboy's continuity: they depict Hellboy giving Hitler the what-for.

Morbius isn't a true vampire, therefore, he wouldn't have gotten bounced with Dracula, Angel, and Blade. He's from Toy Biz's Spider-Man line, and of course the classic Beast and Daredevil are Marvel Legends. Toy Biz did make later Daredevil's, but I only have the old frowny-face one, so of course he had to be a cranky lawyer, right? EDIT: It is sheer unconscious dickery that the clipboard I gave Daredevil has an eyechart on it.

NECA's Army of Darkness S-Mart Ash towers over the old McFarlane X-Files figures, but I don't know if I see new ones coming anytime soon. Anyone see the new movie yet? I figure I will sooner or later, but maybe I would've been more excited if it was going to wrap up any of the lingering questions from the series. Hell, maybe I'd've been more excited if I knew what it was all about...

Conclusion on Monday! Have a good weekend.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

"Four pages yesterday, one today. Seems fair."

I watched the Robot Chicken Star Wars DVD the day after I did this one, and caught the Seth Green commentary. He wasn't picked because of that: I just needed a hapless victim figure, that had more joints than Timmy.

Marvel Comics' Zombie has been haunting me for years, though. Like a lot of characters, I saw him first in the pages of the original Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe. That's not terribly unusual, since as a kid I didn't have the piles upon piles of comics I have now. In fact, I think I saw Nick Fury in OHOTMU before I ever saw a S.H.I.E.L.D. comic, for instance.

But the Zombie was the second to last entry in the original OHOTMU's Book of the Dead, before the Weapons issue. And it was a bit of a change from the superheroes, aliens, and even other monsters I'd been cramming into my head over the year-plus I'd been reading the series. It was a little grimmer than the usual Marvel character's bio, but intriguing.

Unfortunately, more than twenty years after reading that entry, I still have never read the Zombie's comics, even though I think they've been collected. Need to rectify that one of these days. See if it grabs you, the original entry from 1984, with art by Bob Hall.
Duhn-duhn-duhn-duhn-duhn-duhn...zombie, zombie, zombie, ee-ee...
Note that unlike most Marvel Universe entries, the Zombie's first and final appearances are omitted, presumably by accident. And out of thirty-six entries this issue as dead or inactive, at least twenty-three, including the Zombie, have reappeared since then.

EDIT: Some time later, it occurred to me that if I did this post the Robot Chicken way, it would've been a good five minutes of the Zombie humping Seth's leg... Read more!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"Completely reusing an old bit here, but it's fun, so suck it."

I'm playing the B.P.R.D. as a supernatural dumping ground, which of course it isn't in the comics. The recent the Ectoplasmic Man one-shot finally told the story of how Johann Kraus became a bodyless medium and joined the organization, and there's rarely more a fistful of paranormal agents there.

Two real Hellboy and B.P.R.D. comics are out today! The second issues of B.P.R.D.: the Warning, which may guest star Lobster Johnson; and Hellboy: the Crooked Man, with Richard Corben art! Like this tomfoolery? Try the real deal!

Oh, hell, I said I'd try to list the figures I used. Hoo boy...there's at least five Shadowrun figures here and there. In the devil panel, there's a Hellraiser Pinhead, the Dark Alliance (from Chaos Comics, home of Lady Death) Lucifer, Marvel Select's Mephisto, DC Universe Classics the Demon, and I think the spiky winged one is from Bastard! Maybe? I got him on clearance, because, well, he's kind of cool; but doesn't stand especially well.

There's a Mister Hyde and a Frankenstein figure from Mezco's Silent Screamers line: I bought two friends the Maria robot figure from Metropolis and am kicking myself for not picking up one for myself. There are McFarlane Monsters and Marvel Legends Frankensteins present as well, and a McFarlane Tin Man from the Twisted Land of Oz series. (After the Dorothy figures sold out, you could probably get a Tin Man for a song.) Three of the girls in the last panel are from various McFarlane lines, and none of them probably have a matching boot. Seriously.

There's a Charmed figure of Alyssa Milano that I must have found on sale somewhere, an Alley Cat Alley Baggett figure, two House of the Dead figures, Angel from the show of the same name, and the old Judge Death figure from the 2000 AD line. Beta Ray Bill, Jack O'Lantern, Dracula, Blade, Tom Manning (really Professor X), the Thing, and of course Nightcrawler are all from Marvel's Toy Biz days; Jack being from the Spider-Man line, the rest Marvel Legends.

God, I'm not done yet? What the hell was I thinking? Deadman's the Alex Ross version from DC Direct's Kingdom Come line: I have the other, more traditional version, but this one seemed to fit here. I've wanted to do some write-ups on some of his old appearances, but just realized this is the first time I've used Deadman as a tag. Damn.

The "house elves"--that's what Dobby was in the Harry Potter books, wasn't it?--were Legolas from Lord of the Rings and the little one, I forget the name of, but he's a pack-in from the Slaine figure, the 2000 AD line again. Read more!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"Admittedly, if I could wear goggles and jodhpurs at work, I would too."

Lobster Johnson has made a couple of appearances in B.P.R.D., that you really need to have get the joke in the fourth panel. Since I love shared universe stuff, I like the idea of Lobster, the Shadow, the Spider, the Crimson Avenger, the Grey Ghost; all concurrently mowing down gangsters and hoods with .45's and alternately laughing like madmen or leaving calling cards or whatever.

Newsarama just ran the write-up on the San Diego Comic-Con Hellboy panel, and I think io9 also had a piece on the possible end of Hellboy. Check them out. Done?

Everything ends, but it was a little shocking to me to think about Hellboy ending. Not just because I've been reading Mignola's comics for what, fifteen years? but considering most comics go on and on and on, I hadn't even thought there would be an ending in sight, or in mind. It's also interesting that Guillermo del Toro could end the movie version of Hellboy: after all, no matter how much money the Dark Knight makes, would DC Comics let Christopher Nolan write a definite end for Batman? Doubtful, huh?

But although del Toro and other writers have done Hellboy stories, it's still Mike Mignola's character and his book. I feel like I should be more glad that someday, I'll get to see the end of the story; but right now I'm just a little down at the thought that someday it's going to be over.

Of course, this is from a guy that remembers reading the end of the first Gunslinger/Dark Tower novel, where Stephen King notes at the rate he's writing them, he's never going to finish the story. I was so pissed, I almost didn't keep reading the series; and of course I did and King eventually did end the story. Soooo...I guess I might've been just as weirded out if Mignola said Hellboy was going to run for 500 more issues like Spider-Man or Batman. Hmm.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

"In case you were wondering about the eyepatch..."

A new page (or more) every day this week! Ooh, better get started.
While I liked the Hellboy: Animated DVD's, is it just me, or did they tend to use Liz Sherman like the Human Torch? Or maybe more like a napalm airstrike. In the comics, her pyrokineis isn't as much a power as a force, something inside her that may not always be under her control. While she may occasionally use it casually, as in lighting her smokes; it's still not something Liz lets off the leash easily.
And I'm still having some fun with Abe. Aside from his recent limited series, which told the story of an early solo mission for him (and with great art) and a couple bouts of self-doubt, he's been a very effective member and leader of the B.P.R.D. Of course, in the comic Hellboy has long since left the organization, and he recently fought the Baba Yaga in Darkness Calls. "Fought" isn't really the right word; that makes it sound like a superhero comic. There's more going on there.
Ah, but where is it going? Possibly two directions at once. We'll guess at that tomorrow, and another page of whatever nonsense I have going here.
Oh, and the "Baba Yaga" I used was, um, I think a McFarlane Blair Witch figure, and doesn't even have a passing resemblance to Mignola's version. Of course, the figure's "Todd's interpretation" of said Witch, and doesn't even look like the Blair Witch of the movie, since you never see her, unless you do in the sequel I have no intention of watching. Over the next few days, I'll try to name most of the figures used, but no promises, since we've got a cast of thousands lined up! Hundreds? Dozens, maybe? Yeah, I think I can say dozens.
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Thursday, August 07, 2008

"Objects in panel may be smaller than they appear."
Hopefully.  I take pictures with the 'even a blind pig occasionally finds an acorn' settings.
"Banner" there is actually Jack Driscoll from a line of King Kong gachapon capsule toys. I got friggin' Jack three separate times. Took me forever to get an actual Kong, and I never did get a V-Rex either. The Oldest might've though, he was more of a fan than I was...the Hulk is from a 7-11 Slurpee straw: not quite as cool as the Iron Man ones, but nothing to sneeze at.

The Oldest and I saw The Incredible Hulk a week or two ago, and while we liked it (even if the Oldest fell asleep for a bit, we saw a late show) I hadn't really thought about it until now. Not that it was bad, perhaps not as fun as Iron Man or as intense as The Dark Knight, but still enjoyable. And the Bruce-Betty conversations seemed more like a couple than anything in those two movies. (Bruce explaining what they could and couldn't use while on the run, for instance.) It did just strike me that the Hulk seemed more hopeful, or at least less doomed, than Batman and Gotham, though. And while I enjoyed the nods to the comics like the Super-Soldier serum, did that do anything for non-comics readers?

Anyway, for me at least, the summer movie season is running down: still waiting for Wall*E to get to the cheap theatre so I can take the Youngest, still haven't seen Hellboy 2; and am only waiting for the new Punisher: War Zone and Death Race. The Wife really wants to see Death Race, for some reason. I know I didn't see it until like 1994, but the original feels like it's a hundred years old. Still like to see it again, though.

Went looking for toys with the boys tonight, and found some stuff that was interesting, but not quite interesting (or cheap) enough to grab me. Not a lot of DC Universe Classics out there, and not a Wall*E toy anywhere. I don't think any local stores got them, although I did see one that still had a few Ratatouille toys, the other mice. (The Youngest just started watching that, and seemed to like the Wall*E preview.)

The second wave of Legendary Heroes figures has finally showed up here (aside from the Judge Death that came with the first wave and is now everywhere on clearance) at Rite Aid, of all places. Moreover, since that chain doesn't exactly blow through the toys--a couple stores still have Masters of the Universe figures from the 2002 relaunch, and one had a Batman: the Animated Series Creeper, which I would've bought if I didn't already have one--it's like they spread a case out over all their local stores. One had Ann O'Brian, another Star, and so forth. I picked up one because it'll be a perfect punchline, when I get there. Read more!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

"So there's the comics, the movie, novels, and the animated series; all with their own continuity. Hellboy Crisis is probably in the works."
Why the eyepatch?  It'll make sense later in the story...
Wish I could do a wavy-flashback effect there.
It's an honest mistake...
Roger was cool as hell, but there's no way I'd pick up that ring...
As I write this, I still haven't seen Hellboy 2: the Golden Army, but I'm still looking forward to it. Over vacation, I read two more of the novels (The God Machine, written by Thomas E. Sniegoski; and On Earth As It Is In Hell, written by Brian Hodge.) and I've been a fan of the comic since Seed of Destruction. A couple of weeks ago, I sat down with a few complete limiteds: Darkness Calls, and the Abe Sapien and Lobster Johnson minis. So, a bit of Hellboy on the brain, yeah.

I kind of like B.P.R.D. better lately, though. Hellboy's journey into mythology isn't boring, but it's a direction I (and, I would imagine, Hellboy himself) wouldn't have chosen to take. Still, it's something new, and that is something. For the record, Abe is about a million times more badass than I make him out to be here; but there haven't been action figures of the "frogs" so no fights, sorry. (Sammael from the first movie is close, but not quite; and the frogs are more numerous and more scary.) Roger is also badass, but he is a homunculus made of human excrement and other, um, less tasteful things.

I was considering picking up the Liz Sherman figure (check out OAFE's review here) but haven't gotten around to it yet; and while I have a couple movie Hellboys and an animated one, I'm still kicking myself for not getting a Mignola style one. Stupid, stupid, stupid. If I got Johann, I think I'd want the comic style as well. Movie Liz Sherman, though, if for no other reason than to make her and Buffy kiss...

Why the eyepatch on Hellboy? It'll make sense later. And Professor X has to stand in for Jeffery Tambor: it's almost a pity Hellboy wasn't made eight or nine years ago, when the action figure market seemed flush, and he'd have gotten a figure... Read more!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I've had this flier from an issue of Wizard or Toyfare or something for years, and it's been sitting by the computer for a while now.
Man, I know I've read some of those new Micronaut comics, and I cannot recall them for the life of me.
I was going to ask if anyone had ever actually seen this bust, but then I thought, duh, eBay. And after a few minutes of searching--"Bug" and "Thing" are tough ones to search for oddball comic-related items, and I don't want to guess how many worm listings I've seen looking for Nightcrawler stuff--an auction came right up.

I'm afraid I'm not interested enough to buy it: I don't have anywhere to put busts. Ever since my wife broke the tail of a Nightcrawler statue, what little high end stuff I have goes into the basement. Also, check out the link: the eyes don't look right on the auction they've been turned about 90 degrees.

I've fallen behind on Annihilation and Guardians of the Galaxy: is Bug still in there? This Dynamic Forces promo was an odd item, since it was tied into Image's relaunch/reimagination of Micronauts that didn't use any of Marvel's characters. Didn't, um, didn't take. Everyone remembers Micronauts fondly, but with the licensing all tied up and the wave of nostalgic comics come and gone, it's never coming back. (I took a quick look for it, but I couldn't find Warren Ellis' explanation on why that was a bad idea in the first place.)

Still. The old issues are still out there, and fun enough to flip through. Now ROM, hell, ROM deserves a new figure, new book, and a dramatic reveal in Secret Invasion...hey, at this point, that's like the one thing that would get me to pay money for that. Read more!

Monday, August 04, 2008

"This will also not end well."

What, you didn't think Doc Samson was going to be able to help Deadpool by talking, did you?

I got Capcom Classic Collection volume 2 for my birthday, which means I spent a lot of time playing original Street Fighter and the Speed Rumbler. Speed Rumbler is obscure fun in a Road Warrior derivative kind of way (not unlike the movie Doomsday, but that's another tangent), but Street Fighter was like the greatest looking game ever in 1987, and now it's like a cave painting. A cave painting with crappy game mechanics that cheats. Bastard! I hate it so much!

I also put together a rudimentary lightbox (the tutorial's here, courtesy of Fanmode.) but haven't had time to try it out. Well, we'll get back to that. The results of Deadpool's therapy are going to have to wait a little bit, since we'll have something else on Wednesday. Why? Um, all part of the master plan. Or something.

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Friday, August 01, 2008

"Prognosis: Negative."

Samson probably should know Cable's real, but even in a superhero universe full of gods, androids, aliens, and Canadians; if someone told you about him, he would sound pretty far-fetched.

I don't use the yellow fill often enough for Deadpool, and it doesn't always get everything, but maybe I'll start using it.

It's tough to hammer out exactly what's wrong in Deadpool's head, especially since it can vary from writer to writer or story to story. For instance, in the -1 Flashback issue, Joe Kelly wrote the pre-Weapon X Wade Wilson as an immoral, remorseless thug; in a later issue, Pool hallucinates a busty brunette riding a giant bunny rabbit while pouring scotch into milk. And that's pretty tame, since I think he's gotten worse.

And it's my birthday, so I'm out for the weekend. No idea what I'm doing, so wish me luck!

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