Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"Admittedly, if I could wear goggles and jodhpurs at work, I would too."

Lobster Johnson has made a couple of appearances in B.P.R.D., that you really need to have read...to get the joke in the fourth panel. Since I love shared universe stuff, I like the idea of Lobster, the Shadow, the Spider, the Crimson Avenger, the Grey Ghost; all concurrently mowing down gangsters and hoods with .45's and alternately laughing like madmen or leaving calling cards or whatever.

Newsarama just ran the write-up on the San Diego Comic-Con Hellboy panel, and I think io9 also had a piece on the possible end of Hellboy. Check them out. Done?

Everything ends, but it was a little shocking to me to think about Hellboy ending. Not just because I've been reading Mignola's comics for what, fifteen years? but considering most comics go on and on and on, I hadn't even thought there would be an ending in sight, or in mind. It's also interesting that Guillermo del Toro could end the movie version of Hellboy: after all, no matter how much money the Dark Knight makes, would DC Comics let Christopher Nolan write a definite end for Batman? Doubtful, huh?

But although del Toro and other writers have done Hellboy stories, it's still Mike Mignola's character and his book. I feel like I should be more glad that someday, I'll get to see the end of the story; but right now I'm just a little down at the thought that someday it's going to be over.

Of course, this is from a guy that remembers reading the end of the first Gunslinger/Dark Tower novel, where Stephen King notes at the rate he's writing them, he's never going to finish the story. I was so pissed, I almost didn't keep reading the series; and of course I did and King eventually did end the story. Soooo...I guess I might've been just as weirded out if Mignola said Hellboy was going to run for 500 more issues like Spider-Man or Batman. Hmm.


Sea_of_Green said...

Aww, MAN, Googum! Don't leave us hanging! What's the staffing solution? Huh? Huh?

The Fortress Keeper said...

It is a bit shocking to see Hellboy end, mostly because we're used to characters going on and on long after their sell-by date has been reached.

I'd rather the series end than have it suck, though ...