Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"Completely reusing an old bit here, but it's fun, so suck it."

I'm playing the B.P.R.D. as a supernatural dumping ground, which of course it isn't in the comics. The recent the Ectoplasmic Man one-shot finally told the story of how Johann Kraus became a bodyless medium and joined the organization, and there's rarely more a fistful of paranormal agents there.

Two real Hellboy and B.P.R.D. comics are out today! The second issues of B.P.R.D.: the Warning, which may guest star Lobster Johnson; and Hellboy: the Crooked Man, with Richard Corben art! Like this tomfoolery? Try the real deal!

Oh, hell, I said I'd try to list the figures I used. Hoo boy...there's at least five Shadowrun figures here and there. In the devil panel, there's a Hellraiser Pinhead, the Dark Alliance (from Chaos Comics, home of Lady Death) Lucifer, Marvel Select's Mephisto, DC Universe Classics the Demon, and I think the spiky winged one is from Bastard! Maybe? I got him on clearance, because, well, he's kind of cool; but doesn't stand especially well.

There's a Mister Hyde and a Frankenstein figure from Mezco's Silent Screamers line: I bought two friends the Maria robot figure from Metropolis and am kicking myself for not picking up one for myself. There are McFarlane Monsters and Marvel Legends Frankensteins present as well, and a McFarlane Tin Man from the Twisted Land of Oz series. (After the Dorothy figures sold out, you could probably get a Tin Man for a song.) Three of the girls in the last panel are from various McFarlane lines, and none of them probably have a matching boot. Seriously.

There's a Charmed figure of Alyssa Milano that I must have found on sale somewhere, an Alley Cat Alley Baggett figure, two House of the Dead figures, Angel from the show of the same name, and the old Judge Death figure from the 2000 AD line. Beta Ray Bill, Jack O'Lantern, Dracula, Blade, Tom Manning (really Professor X), the Thing, and of course Nightcrawler are all from Marvel's Toy Biz days; Jack being from the Spider-Man line, the rest Marvel Legends.

God, I'm not done yet? What the hell was I thinking? Deadman's the Alex Ross version from DC Direct's Kingdom Come line: I have the other, more traditional version, but this one seemed to fit here. I've wanted to do some write-ups on some of his old appearances, but just realized this is the first time I've used Deadman as a tag. Damn.

The "house elves"--that's what Dobby was in the Harry Potter books, wasn't it?--were Legolas from Lord of the Rings and the little one, I forget the name of, but he's a pack-in from the Slaine figure, the 2000 AD line again.


Sea_of_Green said...

Hey, old bit or not, this still made me laugh. :-)

And, yep, Dobby was a house elf. Poor old Dobby. I still haven't forgiven JKR for what she did to him.

SallyP said...

Hee hee! As usual, Nightcrawler has his priorities straight. And please, please continue to incorporate Zoidberg into as many pictures as possible. For some reason, he ALWAYS makes me giggle.

Hey, Sea! Speaking of Dobby, I've been rereading all the Harry Potter books over the past week or so. Man, things start to get depressing around Book Five!