Thursday, August 14, 2008

"Four pages yesterday, one today. Seems fair."

I watched the Robot Chicken Star Wars DVD the day after I did this one, and caught the Seth Green commentary. He wasn't picked because of that: I just needed a hapless victim figure, that had more joints than Timmy.

Marvel Comics' Zombie has been haunting me for years, though. Like a lot of characters, I saw him first in the pages of the original Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe. That's not terribly unusual, since as a kid I didn't have the piles upon piles of comics I have now. In fact, I think I saw Nick Fury in OHOTMU before I ever saw a S.H.I.E.L.D. comic, for instance.

But the Zombie was the second to last entry in the original OHOTMU's Book of the Dead, before the Weapons issue. And it was a bit of a change from the superheroes, aliens, and even other monsters I'd been cramming into my head over the year-plus I'd been reading the series. It was a little grimmer than the usual Marvel character's bio, but intriguing.

Unfortunately, more than twenty years after reading that entry, I still have never read the Zombie's comics, even though I think they've been collected. Need to rectify that one of these days. See if it grabs you, the original entry from 1984, with art by Bob Hall.
Duhn-duhn-duhn-duhn-duhn-duhn...zombie, zombie, zombie, ee-ee...
Note that unlike most Marvel Universe entries, the Zombie's first and final appearances are omitted, presumably by accident. And out of thirty-six entries this issue as dead or inactive, at least twenty-three, including the Zombie, have reappeared since then.

EDIT: Some time later, it occurred to me that if I did this post the Robot Chicken way, it would've been a good five minutes of the Zombie humping Seth's leg...

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