Friday, August 22, 2008

"(Almost) Deleted Scene: An excuse to slap together a new set."

This was originally going to be the start of next week's strip, but it doesn't have anything to do with Deadpool and his therapy. It's just a way to justify redoing the apartment set with some cheapo furniture: I built the damn thing so it would fit in the lightbox, then took the pictures on the table as usual anyway.

I wanted to use this in a Nightcrawler proposal I submitted to Marvel in that Epic thing a couple of years back: Mystique leaves Kurt a dump truck full of cash, ostensibly to make up for being a bad mom (you know, the abandonment, attempted homicide of his friends, and so on) but probably just to mess with him. Disposable income would be a good excuse to get Kurt out of the X-Mansion, since while he and the other X-Men never seemed like they were short on green, how? Granted, they didn't have to pay for rent or food or the Danger Room, but still. Did they get a stipend or something from Professor Xavier? Because that seems like it would suck. Like getting an allowance for fighting Sabertooth or the Toad.

Ah, hell: there was probably another joke there about Mystique being registered and law-abiding, while Kurt's apparently still not...oh, and shape-changing mom, that's why everyone thinks he's a Skrull! Blah, I should've deleted this one, but Deadpool's therapy on Monday, see you then!


Sea_of_Green said...

LOL! Well, the Prof. was always sponging off Angel, so I just assumed the rest of the X-men did, too -- or sponged off of Moira's patents or something. ;-)

Nice apartment setup, by the way, cheap furniture or no.

SallyP said...

It IS a nice set, I particularly like Kurt's chair.

Yeah, Mystique really isn't a "hugs" sort of person.

The Fortress Keeper said...

What figure is used for Mystique's disguise?

googum said...

I believe that's a Darla figure from Angel or Buffy: I didn't get a ton of those, but she was under four bucks, well below my knee-jerk buy level.

I also have some bathroom stuff that's waiting for some horrible joke, but I'd like kitchen stuff. Should've bought that Swedish Chef playset.

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

Heeeheee, money is money, doesn't matter where it comes from. What? I can't hear you! I can't hear you!