Monday, February 17, 2014

More like Presumptuous Woman, here.

Wonder Woman has a lot on her mind this issue: her friend Etta Candy has seemingly been sucked into hell by demons, the leader of which beat her down soundly. Waking up on the Potomac Parkway, she switches to her secret identity of Captain Diana Prince, to try and get access to the mysterious Delphi Foundation with Col. Steve Trevor, but they find nothing. Wonder Woman then turns to her mystic friend Mother Juju (groan...) who tips her the name of someone who could help. Maybe two names...

Jason has to be regretting sending out all those headshots now. Flying to Gotham, Wonder Woman barges through a window as Jason spars with his blind friend Randu, and calls him out immediately--which seems like a breach of super-hero etiquette, since she couldn't know if Randu was in on Jason's secret. They politely deny WW's ideas about Jason as "utter nonsense" and try to herd her to to the door. Instead, she goes all in, using the "Change! Change o'form of man!" spiel to turn Jason to Etrigan the Demon! That seems outright rude: you shouldn't just stomp into someone's house and use their magic words and everything.

I don't think it had been firmly established at this point, where Jason or Etrigan went when the other took over; but Etrigan is pretty thrilled to "live again" and seems completely willing to help Wonder Woman out with a trip to hell. Randu tries to stop Etrigan, warning he may lose his way back, and gets a shove for his trouble; which still doesn't deter WW.

Of course, I don't think I have two consecutive issues of Wonder Woman in my collection, so I don't know how this turned out. I also wonder if this related to post-Crisis Diana's trip to hell in the 80's, as mentioned a while back. From 1981, Wonder Woman #280, "In the Claws of Demons!" Written by Gerry Conway, pencils by Jose Delbo, inks by Dave Hunt.

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