Thursday, May 07, 2015


This set-up seems familiar somehow. Maybe it'll come to me.

It may be obvious from the strip, but I haven't actually read any comics with Anti-Venom; hence he basically becomes Bizarro Venom, doing the opposite of regular Venom! As in trying to be friendly and helpful, with mixed results. But OAFE's review of AV pointed out that Eddie Brock, formerly the human host of Venom, only briefly had this identity before being turned into the more traditional symbiote Toxin. I liked when Brock gave up and sold the symbiote (which then passed through a few hosts before getting to current Venom Flash Thompson) in Mark Millar's Marvel Knights Spider-Man; which may have been the last thing Millar did that I enjoyed. So far, Marvel seems unwilling to give up on Brock as a character, so he keeps turning up here and there; often in complete reversals of his most prior appearance.

This post was actually warehoused a couple weeks as well, but I'm working overtime and may be out for the rest of this week, so it seemed like a good time!


SallyP said...

Amazing! How on earth did you do the effect with the "ooze"?

googum said...

With ooze! From some dollar Iron Man thing. I rrrrreally oughta learn some Photoshop or something, but practical effects are probably more fun!

Timmy doesn't have any articulation, so he got oozed instead of Franklin--it would've got in his joints. That and Timmy seems more hapless.

Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

I glad you pointed out how familar the beginning was, because I thought you were re-posting an old skit.

Dude, that ooze though! It looks like nail polish moreso than traditional ooze. You sure you didn't raid your wife's makeup?;)

Funny use of Anti-Venom though. Man am I kinda; kicking myself now for not picking him up last weekend. I was really wantin that new Daredevil figure, and I thought if I held out and went to the other Target they might carry that wave. And they didn't:(
There's a Lesson learned or to be learned there somewhere. I just know it.

Anyhoo, funny-ass skit. I prefer your Bizzaro take on Anti-Venom, so lets keep that on as a regular thing huh?:)

SallyP said...

Whatever it was fabulous ooze. I plan on reading all of YOUR stuff instead of Secret Wars, because it is so much better.