Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Miguel probably bought that pizza, Pete's always broke as hell...

Spider-Man 2099 ended the other week, after a twelve issue run. While I liked it, and the last issue was pretty good, it didn't seem to reach the heights of the original series. Maybe because a full third of this run went to the Spider-Verse crossover, but we did get the giant robot Leopardon from the Japanese Spider-Man TV show out of it; and I have a hard time faulting that. Still, I think Peter David gets blindsided by crossovers more than any Marvel writer I've ever seen.

I remember Miguel as being a bit more abrasive, if not outright dickish, in the early issues of the first series. He really took to the role of Spidey, though; and those edges were rounded off, to the point that he seemed pretty mellow this series, despite being trapped some 70 or 80 years before he would even be born. I don't know how well most people would take that, though: I can't say I'd be overly excited to live in the year 1911. But that would still be recognizable to me: a thousand years back, assuming I could get to "civilization," the people wouldn't speak anything I recognized as English in 1015. I'm sure this is handwaved away when the Legion of Super-Heroes goes back in time, but can't recall how...I've often wanted to play with the idea of "time psychosis," where time travellers in "primitive" modern times would gradually lose their minds over little things like the quality of toilet paper or the slowness of download speeds.

Anyway, in the last issue of Spidey 2099, some cops assume Miguel is the Spider-Man of the present: although one points out they look nothing alike, the rest seem to figure Spidey just has more than one outfit. There is precedent, since Deadpool often does much the same thing (although Miguel didn't encourage their assumption either way) and Spidey does sometimes wear different suits.


Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

Ha! nice one.
Good point on PAD constantly getting shafted in the crossover department. You'd swear they it out for him or something right?
I'm not sure about his initial Spider-Man run, but X-Factor and Spider-Man2099? Oh yeah.

Jealous of that pizza box though. Where'd you get it? And do you actually have two pizza slices? Those aren't new are they, besides the one that came with the new Spidey?

You really should play with the time psychosis angle more often.
Didn't old Sci-fi shows like the Outer Limits or the Twilight Zone touch on that one? No?

googum said...

The pizza box is a TMNT thing, but I bought it from eBay a gazillion years ago. (I know Nightcrawler's had it a few times, because he steals accessories.)

I got two of those Spidey's when I bought a case, but the neck joint on one wasn't holding up to switching heads, so I just opened up the other one! Got an extra slice of pizza and an arseload of hands.

Time psychosis could well be from something I'm forgetting, but I'm not sure. Three seconds of Google didn't get me anywhere...