Thursday, May 21, 2015

I'm a little bit beat this week, but had time for Star-Lord's origin recap from Marvel Spotlight #7, "Tears for the World Called Heaven" Written by Doug Moench, art by Tom Sutton, with a Frank Miller cover. I had no idea it was a Miller cover, until I saw the reprint info. The rest of the issue didn't do much for me, but here we are.

This is more just a reminder that I have some of the black-and-white Marvel magazines with Star-Lord stories, that I need to dig into at some point. That said, I did knock these out real quick:


Arion said...

Haven't read that issue.
But I love your comic strip with Star Lord and Gamora.

By the way, since you are a Bolland fine I thought you might enjoy visiting my blog:


Dale Bagwell said...

I gotta' ask then, which Star-Lord origin do you ourself prefer?
The ones that later writers like Doug Moench, Claremont, and Bendis would write, or the original by Steve Englehart?

googum said...

There's aspects of Englehart's version, that read like he wanted to make Star-Lord as different from something like Green Lantern as he could. Like a somewhat unlikable sociopath.

I really wouldn't mind a classic Star-Lord figure, although I don't consider him the same character.