Monday, October 15, 2007

Timmy, if you're out there, leave a comment

I'm not so much opposed to tattoos, although I often refer to myself as the last of my generation without one. I've just never bothered. Back when I might've considered it, whenever I'd save up the money for one, I'd blow it on a comics spree or something instead.

Also, back when I was in college, a friend talked me into moving into a house off-campus, then promptly moved in with his girlfriend instead. I was left scrambling for another rent-paying body, and I ended up living the next two years at that house with an ongoing rotation of roommates. I had fifteen total, ranging from reliable old friends to utter rats.

Early on, about three roommates into that mess, I was awakened late one night to a strange buzzing sound. I wandered into the living room to find two of my roommates giggling like little girls as they gave each other prison tats with a motorized needle. Hmm, that's not really fair: I have seen some very nice prison tattoos. While I watched those two slackwits doodle on each other, the needle skipped, like a record player, except it threw ink across the room and all over the drapes. Yeah, maybe that's why I'm not a big tattoo enthusiast.

But again, they don't bother me: my wife has three, five if you count her eyebrows.

I found PlanetWide's Comic Book Creator this weekend, and knocked out some photos so I could play with it. It's not foolproof, and I could've done with an intruction book or tutorial or something; but it's not bad. Anyway, I figure it'll get better with practice.

For the toys: It's Marvel Toys Timmy again, who turns in a fair acting job for being an unposeable lump. I love the name 'Timmy,' it's so hapless. Like bad things are going to happen to him, but it's slapstick, not pathos.

Iron Fist is from what, Marvel Legends series 12? I skipped a lot of that wave, but picked up Fist even though I wasn't a huge fan at the time. I bought the Annual the other day, and that was pretty good.

And our tattoo artist is Transmetropolitan's Spider Jerusalem, possibly the most tattooed figure you could buy.

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Justin Garrett Blum said...

I hate tattoos, myself. I can't imagine intentionally every permanently scarring myself. But by far the worst of these are the tramp stamps--I'm sure you know the ones I mean--the tattoos that women get on their lower backs. Wow--how are you going to explain that one to your kids?

"See, daughter, when I was younger, I wanted ever guy around to fantasize about doing me from behind--or to _actually_ do me from behind! By the way, don't grow up to be as big a ho as I was."