Friday, October 26, 2007

On the Demon, and DC Direct, and who knows what else.

I counted DC Direct's Batman and Superman offerings here, skipping statues, Pocket Super Heroes and Minimates, or scales like the 13-inchers. I did count reissues and boxsets though, and the Composite Superman would have counted as a half, except there was a similar Batman/Superman figure, so that's two halves.
Weird, huh? The fact that there's two different versions of the Composite Superman just goes to show DC Direct has no intention of these toys getting into the hands of actual children. I think. I could be completely wrong there, and the children of America could be ecstatic to have a lime green half-Superman half-Batman figure...

And, even though I miss the days before DC Direct did tons of Superman and Batman toys, I am looking forward to the Curt Swan Superman with Red Kryptonite heads (which I first saw mentioned at Progressive Ruin) and Jonah Hex.

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