Wednesday, September 19, 2018


The Silver Surfer's 1998 Fox animated series only lasted one season, but had three series of Toy Biz figures! Two of which were five-inch figures, not unlike their usual pre-Marvel Legends offerings; while one was a six-inch scale. The Surfer from that was very nice for the time, and I also immediately bought the original classic Beta Ray Bill! (Who I say is 1997 in that link, which might be wrong?) I wouldn't get the other two six-inchers for some years, the Meegan Alien, and just recently Nova! Who, between the vac-metallizing and the outdated articulation, might not be the most expressive character we've ever had here; but we'll see.

I just recently got the brand new Walgreens exclusive Silver Surfer, and he's easily the best of the what, four Marvel Legends he's received to date! There was the Toy Biz series 5 that came with Howard the Duck; the 2007 Ronan/Fantastic Four series; and the 2008 Silver Savage/Red Hulk series. And I got another of the old 1998 Surfers on eBay with this Nova! I should see about hanging him from the ceiling or something.


Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

Holy Shit, you bagged the Walgreens exclusive Surfer!? Lucky bastard. Now I really have to step it up in looking for him at my 3 Walgreens stores.
As much as I'm content with my Surfer, the one that came w/ Howard the Duck, that new one is pretty hard to pass up.

Nova huh? Talk about a a deep cut, but at least it makes sense she'd be a member of the team. Can't wait to see who's number next.

SallyP said...

You have really nailed Gladiator's casual arrogance!