Friday, March 08, 2019

I don't intend to blog all of these either, but we'll see...

The other day I wrote another Warlord post and scheduled it for 2029 or something, which admittedly seems optimistic as hell; but I keep setting them up to run a couple a year. I didn't blog the back-up features though, possibly because we could be in the Barren Earth by 2029, the way things are going...Better do this now, then: from 1984, Warlord #79, "Slave Market" and Warlord #80, "Pursuit" Written by Gary Cohn, art by Ron Randall.

We're up to episode 14 and 15 here: the serial would continue until episode 23 in Warlord #88. I was going to say it was more than half over when I started reading regularly with #83; except that's not quite right: there's a memorable bit of body terror in #73 that we might have to come back to sometime. Jinal and her companions Skinner and Renna have been captured by slavers; where they meet Yisrah, a chatty "travelling shaman." Skinner notices Yisrah may be more than he seems, as he lets slip a clue about the Old Ones' floating city, D'roz. At a slave auction, the four are rescued by their Harahashan (lizard-man) ally Barasha, and when the slavers pursue them (like the title) they ride into a massacre.

In the wrecked slavers' tank, Jinal tells Yisrah she plans for him to find D'roz for her, as the shaman finds her weapons. Maybe not as bumbling as he seems, though. With this post we've blogged six of the twenty-three chapters; but I keep meaning to come back to the mini-series, too.


Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

Hmm, not bad. Looks like an old school pulp adventure.
My question how come Ron Randall's art looks so fine and detailed like this, but his JLE work is so loose and cartoony-looking.

googum said...

I don't know about the JLE, but he inked himself here; that might be something.