Sunday, November 19, 2006

I'm pretty sure Kroda was always about the 'sword-handling,' as it were.
Sometimes, you run across something that seems like it would fall under another blog's jurisdiction, like Chris Sims or Blockade Boy. And then you decide to do it anyway. From Thor #266, "...So Falls the Realm Eternal!" Written by Len Wein, art by Walt Simonson and Tony DeZuniga. Yeah, everyone forgets Simonson had a short stint on Thor before he took over and remade the book; but then his art on this one doesn't look like his usual work either. At first glance, I was thinking John Buscema.

And the design work doesn't look like Simonson's either, as in, it kind of reeks. Kroda, pictured above, was one of three plotters allied with Loki. He had one eye and an eyepatch with an overhead strap that makes his head look like...well, to be polite, I'll say it looked like Herr Starr in Preacher. And while keeping your sword there does send a message, it also has to make walking, sitting, and going to the bathroom problematic. At least he had to the restraint to not go with a long sword. Or a broad sword. Or a two-handed sword. You get my point.

For good measure, here's Hogun the Grim administering a merciful, smashing blow to the face of the fleeing Snaykar, who should totally ask for a refund on that helmet.

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