Friday, September 07, 2007

Hey, Blue Beetle!

Mind if I take the afternoon off?
For...for realsies?
Oh, like you never.
The Wii was too much like exercise, eh Ted?

From DCU Heroes Secret Files #1, "Spies Like Us" Written by D. Curtis Johnson, pencils by Derec Aucoin, inks by Claude St. Aubin. This was a short little Chase story, where she's supposed to be working with Sarge Steel on interagency procedure integration, but it's more a walking tour through DC's B and C-list characters. And 'Sarge Steel' turns out to be the Martian Manhunter...for some reason.

That said, it's a relatively charming little story, although the art and Chase herself seem a little softer than usual for her. I was thinking Chase was a bit more strongly against capes or supers or whatever, but I could be wrong, since she doesn't seem to be having too bad of a time here. She playfully tells Sarge/J'onn that while she's deduced Batman's secret identity, she ain't telling; Sarge/J'onn calls her a terrible liar. Together, they check out Wildcat, Hitman, Anarky, and more.
Your tax dollars at work, I guess...
In another story, a DEO (Department of Extranormal Operations) employee tries to turn whistleblower on the ultra-top-secret hero killer contingency program. It's cute the way DC will try and work new heroes into this sort of thing, but there's no way anyone was sweating on how to kill Inferno. No Wonder Woman defense-slash-murder plan, but if Inferno goes bad the government's ready for her! Well, maybe that's not that far off from how the government would actually work...(Panels from "Above Top Secret" Written by Mark Millar, pencilled by Matthew Clark, inks by Tom Simmons)

All of this, equals an afternoon off? Hmm.


SallyP said...

Ah yes, our tax dollars at work. But it WAS nice to see Ted. I miss Ted.

Anonymous said...

Note the lack of Booster Gold.
No-one puts the effort in to plan to kill Booster Gold.