Tuesday, May 06, 2008

This morning was a hundred years long, yet I don't have more done.

Ugh. Even though I have more vacation time saved up, the reason I tend to kind of horde it is that the day I have to come back is always like a punch in the kidneys. Like I said, this morning seemed like a hundred years.

Probably not just for me either: the Wife's had trouble sleeping, then the Oldest woke her up asking if he could play Guitar Hero. So, after school I took the kids out, to give her time to take a nap. At Wal-Mart, the Oldest had planned on getting the removable armor Iron Man, but changed his mind and went with the new Movie Masters Joker. He wasn't keen on the likeness on the Iron Man, and we had just been talking about how some people were rushing to buy up the Joker stuff. Indeed, that was the only Joker (in that scale, anyway) that we saw. I bought the Batman, and those were running short as well. (I know I picked one up, and put it back because of a white paint smudge on the face.) Still, this will help set up a Batman homemade comic in the next week or so.

I had both these Batmen out, and four different motorcycles, most of which have probably been used around here before, but neither one would fit on any of them. So no Batpod 'joke,' sorry.

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Anonymous said...

I could stomach the pony tail, but good god, remember that collar?