Monday, November 07, 2011

This would be House's best cold-open EVER.

From Face #1, written by Peter Milligan, art by Duncan Fegredo. As the GCD points out:

Synopsis:From the "On The Ledge" column: "The first of the Vertigo Voices one-shots explores the horrific consequences when the world's most famous artist hires the world's most brilliant plastic surgeon for his own warped agenda."

It's pretty good, but hard to beat that first page there. If you're not one for blood, this one won't be for you; but it's one to check out if you've got the stomach. I do believe DC's reprinting the Eaters, another Vertigo Voices from Milligan (with Dean Ormston on art) but I did prefer Face, and wish Vertigo was a little more free with the one-shots these days.

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