Tuesday, July 03, 2012

So, some movie opens tomorrow...

Or tonight, I guess, if you're going at midnight or something. Somehow, I would be more excited for The Amazing Spider-Man if the Lizard tried this:

From 2003, ToyFare #68, Twisted Toyfare Theatre, "A Lizard in Every Pot." By McCallum, Root, and Oat; with Aclin, Bricken, Patyk, and Guttierrez.

I'm personally not super-excited for the new Spider-Man movie, but I suspect that's because I was much more excited for Avengers or the Dark Knight Rises. Or maybe it's because Marvel...oh, Marvel. They're exasperating, at best; since I haven't been able to really enjoy about 90%, 95% of what they do lately. The Hurting's Tim O'Neil has a solid evisceration of AvX that hits some of the problems I have with Marvel lately. And I think a lot of Marvel's current output is probably fine, but the stuff that I don't like ruins the rest for me.
The only books from Marvel I'm currently enjoying are Garth Ennis's Fury (or "Fury MAX") and Rick Remender's Uncanny X-Force. Fury I'm loving so much, I'm afraid someone higher up at Disney will realize what they're publishing and pull the plug; while X-Force is good but not quite what I want it to be. Because I'd rather it was the Nightcrawler/Deadpool/Wolverine show; and it spends a little more time than I'd care for on Fantomex and Psylocke. (I do like that AoA Nightcrawler, more than once, has been shown at the verge of death, but refuses to quit, because he still has people on his kill list; and Wolverine is the one wondering if things have gone too far.)

I'm still hoping against hope that Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes will keep going; but a recent episode made me realize I hate both the character and the idea of the Red Hulk. I had been ignoring him before...That, and over on Twitter, Evan Dorkin pointed out that Red Hulk might be the last big new (or "new") character introduced at Marvel, since creators are getting less anxious to sign their creations over to Disney/Marvel. (I suppose Red She-Hulk or A-Bomb might be "new" characters as well, but this is just making me sad.)

And Big Bad Toy Store revealed the figures for the third 2012 wave of Marvel Legends (although they don't know the Build-a-Figure yet) and I'm a little disappointed: another Iron Man, another Dr. Doom, another Punisher (or Blade). I could be persuaded on the X-Force uniform Deadpool, and I definitely want USAgent, but I'll have to see if the others really wow me.

So, I'm all cranky-pants. I'm sure I'll see Amazing Spider-Man sooner or later, though. How about you?

Oh, and I almost forgot: ToyFare #68 also featured one of my favorite short gags from the entire run of the magazine:

Featuring the 200X Masters of the Universe Buzz-Off, a figure I own because of the above...


SallyP said...

Oh Toy Fare. I miss you so. You were so completely terrible, and yet so awfully amusing.

I HAD that Mego Thor figure, and two little kids that I was babysitting snapped his legs off. I still am mourning to this day.

Dale Bagwell said...

Oh you! Thanks for posting that toyfare skit, as they(and robot chicken) are the one to thank(or blame) for me doing what I do on my blog.

I more than 2nd Sally's feelings of loss, since toyfare and wizard are no more. They gave us so much buy asked for so little. Well they asked for 4-5.95$, but you get the point.

I too am not interested in the new Spider-Man movie. Nothing against the cast, but I'll always prefer Sam Rami's trilogy(the 3rd one notwithstanding)
Maybe I'll rent it if bored, but I am dammnit, breaking my own rule in order to go to an actual movie theater to watch Dark Knight rises.

Dale Bagwell said...

Oh and Tim O'neil is so right it hurts.