Friday, November 02, 2012

How to clear the air of the godawful stench of Countdown to Infinite Crisis #1? How about with a better comic--well, it'd have to be pretty damn good to trump that stinker. Luckily, this one is:

The Goon #7, story and art by Mike Mignola and Eric Powell. So. Much. Fun. Hellboy guest-stars in the weird, slack-jaw ridden, oddball world of the Goon. (This is not a book that worries about continuity, although it does nod at it in the end...) There's mollusks in airplanes, stolen pork chops, creepy 'cats,' and a sucker punch or two. Fun.

I'm a big Hellboy fan, of course, but I do check out the Goon every now and again. It's a book that can be incredibly crude or surprisingly moving, or both, in short order. Try a couple, see if it does it for you, or if it offends your delicate sensibilities.

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