Friday, January 18, 2013

Back when a secret identity was SECRET. Sort of.

Love that panel, from Avengers West Coast #51, "I Sing of Arms and Heroes" Story and art by John Byrne, inks by Mike Machlan.

After the first "Armor Wars," the Avenger known as Iron Man was dead, as far as the general public was concerned. Only a select few, including West Coast Avengers Wonder Man, Wasp, and Hank Pym; knew Tony Stark had been Iron Man and didn't in fact die. But when the "new" Iron Man arrives, he won't say if he's Stark or not.

Meanwhile, Tony had been shot in the spine by a stalker ex, and paralyzed. Although his hair still looked great. He was using his armor as an exoskeleton, so he could still move as Iron Man; and if he was going to spend more time in his armor, he wanted to make the most of it and do some Avengers duty. The Avengers there at the time don't call Tony on it right yet, but they know. Tony also slips and mentions what happened to this issue's villain Master Pandemonium the last time he was seen, when that would've been the "previous" Iron Man there.

Much as I like this one, it seems so dated since Tony seemingly hasn't given a rat's ass about having a secret identity for years. I also don't know if Tony ever caught any crap when the Avengers found out it was him all along, either.

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Dale Bagwell said...

I don't know why he was never really called on it either. I know it was kinda', sorta' mentioned in the later on in the mid-60's of the AWC, where Wasp and Pym were like "yeah we knew all along, you know you didn't really fool anyone." except for maybe Tigra for some reason. She seemed surprised about the reveal, when she should've smelled out Tony right?

Other than that and all the other identity-crises almost all of the founding members and some others have suffered over the years, I guess Tony sort of smoothed that one over. I'm sure he just paid for everyone's drinks one night, while they all went clubbing, and maybe a shopping spree for the ladies. Hey it's Tony, I can see that happening. Cap's take though, would've been interesting to hear.