Thursday, June 11, 2015

80-Page Thursdays: Superman Family #182!

We mentioned this issue almost two and a half years ago, when we looked at the subsequent issue, #183, but today we finally check out an issue I've wanted for years: from 1977, Superman Family #182, featuring stories from E. Nelson Bridwell, Jack C. Harris, Bill Kunkel, and more; and art by Jose Delbo, Kurt Schaffenberger, Marshall Rogers, and more.

The cover by Curt Swan and Neal Adams was used in a house ad for DC's new 80-Page books; along with House of Mystery #251, another book that probably isn't as good as it's cover. (There's also another house ad for Black Lightning, where you see his afro was part of his mask!) There's a Jimmy Olsen story where he outright sees Clark changing to Superman, but is convinced it's just a dream! There's a Superbaby story, that's about as good as any other Superbaby story you might read; and Lois Lane investigating pro wrestling matches fixed by SKULL.

Marshall Rogers draws a "Fabulous World of Krypton" feature, where Clark tells the Ross family a story about the man that brought peace to Krypton. Next, Supergirl helps the Viking 1 get to Mars, but then has the unexpected discovery of Kryptonite! (There wasn't any on earth at the time.) The issue wraps up with a Krypto story, and another Jimmy Olsen tale, where "Mr. Action" accidentally gets mind-reading powers.

We have at least two more Superman Family 80-pagers to go; although I accidentally bought #183 again too. So far, #183 has been the best one, surprisingly; but we'll see if the other two can beat it.


Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

SKULL actually and supposedly rigged wrestling matches? LOL!
I guess I should give Lois and that time period some slack, since KAYFABE was pretty much still alive and kicking back then. I'm sure once Lois found out the matches are already predetermined, she probably felt like a horse's ass for giving this "story" her attention.

SallyP said...

I don't quite know why, but Superman's little legs sticking out from underneath that car just cracks me up.

I have a weird sense of humor sometimes.