Wednesday, October 07, 2015


Dale called Patsy's shadow cloak--she actually did have something like that for a brief period of old Defenders comics, before wadding it up into itself--but I was going to use Satana's, and it wouldn't fit around Hellcat's hair! The Vision cloak worked well enough, though; but I couldn't tell you how often I have everything all planned out and then still have to wing it.


Dale Bagwell said...

Ha! Nice one man. Really solid this week. Loved how you did the close up on Patsy though. Nice lighting, and no I don't know how that shot didn't get blurry. I think you have a better digital camera, or whatever type of camera you use, since I'm forced angle my close up shots at a certain angle.

Definitely down to see the follow up to this one.

SallyP said...

As much as I love the trials and tribulations of Nightcrawler in Spaaaaaaace, I have to admit that I really love the girls too. I was thinking that Patsy was being quite mature here... but fortunately that didn't last.