Friday, November 11, 2016

I'm moving! (No, not because of the thing you'd think!)

The Wife wanted a bigger place, so we're moving into a new apartment! Which will be nice when we're there, but the actual moving of things...ugh. Just ugh. Again, posting may be a bit spotty for a bit, or posts of boxes of stuff I should be moving.

I did get the Star Wars Black C-3PO yesterday, and it's a very toy-ish figure. I might've expected vac-metallized, but he's gold-colored plastic. (Not sure offhand if he's cast that color, or painted.) Slightly softer sculpt than usual as well, but he should go well with Artoo.

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Dale Bagwell said...

Holy shit!? Really!? Damn dude it doesn't feel like too long you moved previously. Hope things work out, and good luck with the move.
If you have time, I'll give you a call sunday. Going to go see Dr. Strange sunday as well.