Tuesday, April 04, 2017

I have just enough of these that it's become an issue. So to speak.

Among the various sales and clearances I hit up, I've managed to get a few of the variant covers for Deadpool's Secret Comic Variant, which ran as you might have guessed, as variant covers over the course of 25 issues. And they weren't all on GCD, so I had to upload this one: from 2016, Deadpool #11, variant cover written by Gerry Duggan, art by Scott Koblish.

After a meeting with Odin goes badly, Deadpool gets banished into the Coververse, where he meets...ugh...UPC-PO. In their attempt to escape, they travel through time and end up on some of Marvel's most iconic covers. And Thor #372. Luckily, you can read the whole silly story over at ComicBooked.com, and a second "issue" has started. Still, I think I have the Nick Fury/Scorpio variant, where they declare "truce" to shoot at Deadpool; the version from ComicBooked.com didn't have the dialog! Oh, here it is:

So, I have at least #10, #11, and #14. Meanwhile, on the insides of those books, Deadpool goes after Sabretooth for killing his parents, even though Sabretooth is now a "good" guy thanks to Axis, and he didn't do it, Deadpool did. And in #14, the Mercs for Money get fed up with Deadpool's glory-hogging and paycheck-bouncing, and opt to go into business for themselves. Or Cable, either or. Cable is surprisingly funny here, as he asks the Mercs if they've never seen cash before, and explains his financial planning: go back in time and open an account, let the interest pile up, repeat as necessary.


Dale Bagwell said...

Now these look like fun! Hell yeah.
And who can fault Cable's financial plan. That's fucking smart.

Dale Bagwell said...

Shit, maybe Cable should retire and just be a stock broker....