Tuesday, May 23, 2017

This is one of those things I'm hesitant to clue anyone else in on...

Aside from some robots that appear in tomorrow's strip, I think the last four or five eBay auctions I bid on or won have been for loose accessories. There's been a few for Playmates Star Trek stuff: that line ran for years, and while a lot of the pieces are in oddball colors, they're still nice. There was a Simpsons one--Playmates again!--that I lost, that featured a retro ray gun that I would've loved. And most recently, got a largish box of Marvel accessories!

These two pieces sold it for me--we'll probably see why next week!

I'm pretty sure that's a gamma bomb, but appears to have been glued together. Fine. There's a girder and a frankly huge tommy gun from the Hulk Legends line: the bomb came with Abomination, the girder with the Savage Hulk, the gun with Mr. Fixit--who I have, and who is getting a second gun! There was also what I think is most of the pieces from the 2007 exclusive She-Hulk. I wonder if they'll work with the She-Hulk I have...somewhere.

A spare Nick Fury jetpack, from his first Marvel Legend. Now, to see who it would fit...

Another gun I'd always wanted: Despero's, from the 2009 DCUC Captain Atom! To date, I think Wonder Woman and Artemis are the only figures I got from that series, so I had two of the same leg for Despero, but someone will use his gun at some point. It's Cable-level huge, though. Then, that big Carnage blob-head: I thought that would be a hollow piece, like a mask, but it's solid!

I haven't the foggiest where that Spidey mask originally came from. Searching the Hulk Legends was hard enough; finding that piece seems unlikely with all the Spidey series over the years. Maybe the Marvel Select Spectacular Spider-Man?
Pretty sure I have one of those Wasps somewhere, but I did have the rest of those pieces, even the garbage can from a pre-Legends Toy Biz Spider-Sense Peter Parker! And there's always room for another Cosmic Cube; and I wonder if that Yellowjacket will go in the back of the new Wonder Man figure.
Hey, not bad!

There's some other stuff from that box: a mess of Cap shields, a bunch of those hexagonal bases I like, some axes. Still, I'm hoping I don't end up bidding against any of you later...


Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

Hmmm. Nice finds man. Do they always offer up misc accessories and shit like that on there?
Good luck on those bids.

SallyP said...

Those are some amazing goodies!